SOL Day 31: Sleeping at School

Today my classmates and I earned a prize for Mindfullness during March. We got to watch the movie Moana, and I feel asleep at 11:17 and woke up at 5:45. We went down to the gym were there ere other classes waiting for the rest of the classes to come. Then, all the other classes came into the gym and the movie started playing.
Finally, in the middle of the movie I was getting really tired and what didn’t help was that they started play “How Far I’ll Go” and slowly I fell asleep and missed half the movie.Lesson Learned: Don’t watch Moana without getting enough sleep cause you might go to sleep and miss half the movie.

SOL Day 30: Crazy Kate

Today when recess was over I wasn’t acting the way I usually act at school. My teacher said “Kate why are you acting so funny” and I said “Cause I didn’t sleep last night.” She giggled and pushed up her nice round glasses so they won’t fall off. I admit I was acting funny not acting like my normal self but what didn’t help was it was raining. I looked outside and I see the rain going down the windows like tears falling down someone’s eyes. The trees wet and people rushing to get in there cars with the umbrella over there heads. I act funny when it’s raining cause I feel really free and feel like I can do whatever I want but I know I can’t. Anyway, I apoligize to everyone who thinks or knows that I was acting funny today cause I know I was. But just to say if I’m acting crazy I am being myself cause I’m crazy but people say “Your crazy but in a good way.”

SOL Day 29: Vivienne making Sand-Water

Today in the afternoon when I was writing down my I Am Poem because I had to finish it soon.
My little sister (Vivienne) got up from the table, grabbed water from the basket, and poured it in her box of sand.
I had my computer on the table near where she was making all that mess and a little drop of water lands on the side of my computer. I see it and I freak out, grab a towel, and take it off cause I just got this computer and its very entertaining so I couldn’t risk it already getting water damaged. I say “Vivienne what are you doing” and she’s like “It’s obvious I’m making a mess.” I got so mad and took the box of sand away and she yelled so hard I’m positive the neighbors heard her. I told my Grandma and thought it was funny I didn’t find it funny cause I would’ve been stuck with a phone and that screen is small. I let her make the mess but I told her that she was going to have to clean it up. Crazy Vivienne.

SOL Day 28: NiaaLove1 Lesson Learned

Today when I got home from school I ate and then I got my computer. Your probably wondering why Inuse my computer so much but it’s an addiction already. Anyway, I went on YouTube and searched up NiaaLove1. She’s a really good YouTuber and she is really funny. I clicked on her video “What you say to your parents vs. What you rather say” I was laughing through the whole video and don’t even see my dog ripping up my guitar book. Finally, that funny video was done guess what I watched it one more time and it was halarious. Lesson Learned: Never leave your dog unattended because bad things could come.

SOL Day 27: Picture Day

Today when I got home from school I rushed to my room to go get my computer. I usually always used to do my hair in a pony tail just to keep my hair out of my face,but tomorrow was going to be Picture Day and I wasn’t going to take a picture with a pony tail. I went on YouTube and searched up “How to do easy heatless hairstyles.” I open up to see a whole bunch of selections, and I thought they were actually going to be easy but no I go to the restroom and I just kept pulling on my hair and knotting it. I thought I was never going to finish like I was just going to have to straighten my hair and call it a day. But finally I get a rubber band and a bobby pin, braid my hair, hold it with the rubber band, and put my hair back with the bobby pin.

SOL Day 26: Getting tired at the Woods Lesson Learned

Today I woke up at 8:27 in the morning cause my big sister (Mimi) was going to take me and my dog (Ruffes) to the woods.
They weren’t exactly the woods it had a whole bunch of stairs and a nice calm river that you could hear the splashing of the water, kind of like the ocean.
When we arrived Ruffes went crazy cause there were other dogs there. Mimi’s friends went as well and so did there dog (Blue).
We were there for a good hour and all I see are these big stairs that lead to the top of the so called woods where the amazing view of the water was.
I started to get tired after that hour and with I was so hungry I felt like I haven’t ate for two days. We went up those long stairs I felt like I was going to faint. Lesson Learned: Make sure you get enough sleep before you go anywhere and also that you eat cause it will not feel good if you don’t.

SOL Day 25: Vivienne at the Movies

Today I went to the movies with my two cousins and my little sister (Vivienne). We went to go see the movie Beauty & the Beast.
At the beginning I thought it was going to be too scary for Vivienne but I guess not matter of fact she was laughing she thought that the part where everyone turns back into humans was funny. I got mad cause one of my cousins were crying cause it was such a touching movie at the end. I asked her why it was funny to her and she said “Cause look there real people” and I said “There’s nothing funny about that child.” She ignored me and kept watching the movie while the water works were about to come on me.
When the movie ended and we were driving back home she told my Mom that she liked the movie cause it was funny. That child is crazy to think that the sad part is the funny part.

SOL Day 24: Ruffes when I’m Eating Lesson Learned

My dog Ruffes always sits down under my chair when I’m at the dinner table eating cause I think he wants my food or he just wants to accompany me. Today after school I was starving so I got home, started eating and all I see is Ruffes following me and he goes and sits down under my chair. I start laughing cause it was funny cause he was just staring at me, I asked him if he wanted some and of course he didn’t say anything cause he’s a dog, but when I asked him he moved closer to me. I kept looking at him while I was eating and he was doing those puppy eyes, it was obvious that he wanted my food cause he wouldn’t stop looking at me. When I get up to get something to drink he goes and jumps on my chair, takes my food, when I turn around all I see are crumbs on my plate. I got so mad because lets not forget I was starving I start yelling at him and he goes and hides somewhere else. Lesson Learned: Never eat in front of your dog and you turning around and turning back to find nothing but crumbs on your plate especially when your starving.

SOL Day 23: Library Lesson Learned

Yesterday I felt like going to the library cause it’s kind of were I go to concentrate or just grab movies and books.
I texted my Mom because she was out working, so I texted her if she can take me to the library. She put that she was going to hurry up home cause the library was going to close in 2 hours, and by the time she was going to get home they were probably going to be closed.
It was 8:20 and I texted her if she was going to make it and she put get ready so I can just drive by. I quickly got me and my little sister (Vivienne) ready by the way it was hard to get Vivienne ready.
She arrived at our house and the library was going to close in 15 minutes so we had to hustle. Vivienne and I ran out the door and jumped in the car.
We arrived at the library and we just hurried to grab the books and movies and we went crazy when they said that they were going to close in 10 minutes. Lesson Learned: Tell your parents 5 hours before you want to go cause they may take you 15 minutes before they close.

SOL Day 22: Quotes

Today after school I arrived at my house and I helped my Mom a little bit around the house. When I had time for myself I went to the kitchen table it’s like my little area cause no one bothers me when I’m there cause they know that I’m either eating because it’s the dinner table or I’m writing.
Anyway, I went on Google and searched up “Quotes” and they gave me a whole selection of quotes, I had a little notepad next to me so I can go writing them down. I came across this one that says “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”- Albert Einstein, and I thought about what it meant at first cause I was like “Did he just relate my life to a bicycle?” But I understood what he meant by that, at first it might seem strange to be writing down quotes on a notepad but it really does helps it motivates you to remember good things, make correct decisions, and also just brighten up your life.
So make a just take five minutes and look up quotes and you’ll see how it works it sometimes reliefs stress, maybe of being bored, or if you just feel like you need a smile on your face.